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RENZiVIEW™ is an innovative CAD related document and knowledge management system that fuses the wisdom of both engineering and IT specialists. It greatly improves the management of facilities and equipment by providing instant access to important drawings and documents unrestrained by location and time. While invaluable drawings are securely stored on your server, this user-friendly product enables you to do high-speed full text search, browsing, zooming and printing at the touch of a few mouse clicks.


  • Helps to create a paperless office environment. Saves time on searching when trying to find the right drawings.
  • Drawings will not be lost and will be current, as they are centrally stored and published.
  • Multiple users will be albe to access drawings simultaneously from different locations, saves time and money on trasferring drawings across distances.
  • A dynamic online forum helps collecting, managing and sharing knowledge from all the users.

Who Will Need RENZiVIEW™?

  • Facilities management: AHospitals, office buildings, universities, shopping centres, residential communities, airports or sea ports.
  • Utilities: Telecommunications, power transmission and distribution, local governments, for various layout drawings, schematic diagrams and equipment drawings etc.
  • Manufacturing Facilities: For all modern manufacturing facilities' drawing management needs.
  • Aircrafts and Sea Vessels: battle ships, yachts, commercial and private aircraft.